Embrace the role food has in your life.

The Do Food Right approach is our simple breakdown of the comprehensive topic of nutrition. It’s a mind, body, spirit approach with a twist. We engage your mind to help you learn about nutrition; we teach you to fuel your body with the right nutrient mix and in a spirit of self-reflection, we ask you to listen to your mind and your body.


Our food philosophy

Food as nourishment.

The foods you choose play a critical role in your overall well-being. Food is meant to be enjoyed. When you learn how to choose food wisely, the nourishment flows with confidence and satisfaction.

Food as medicine.

Nutrient dense food is medicine in a meal and it tastes good too! With your brain and your gut you can learn how food can prevent chronic disease, improve your fitness performance and help heal what ails you now.

Food as fuel.

Protein, carbohydrate and fat are the macronutrients that energize your body. Add vitamins and minerals to the right mix of macronutrients and you’ll have a recipe for unstoppable energy.


How we can best help


We’ll help you cut through the confusing contradictions and understand what applies to your goals. You’ll walk away from every appointment with clarity on nutrition, food, movement, body and health.  Bring your questions, get your answers, be healthy.

harness Your Instinctive eating skills

You will reestablish your natural inclinations and gut feelings of choosing and consuming the foods that will nourish you most in the moment. Optimize your health by choosing nutrient dense foods as medicine for a positive impact on your health journey. Use your natural-born instincts to honor your body with the foods that fuel you best.


We believe knowledge is power. Our Food Smarts blog is dedicated to topics that speak to our clients. They are written with you in mind and designed to continue your learning long after you’ve mastered your work with us.


Your well-being is a journey not a weekend trip!  We’ll challenge you to embrace a process that includes visioning your best self, goal setting and accountability.  Partner with your One You Nutrition dietitian and your internal GPS as you take steps toward well-being. Using your personal motivation and increased ability to change, you can get there from here!

What we use to put it all together

Body Physiology

Understanding your body and its response to the food you eat is important when establishing an eating pattern to support your long-term health. We look at the complicated process of human physiology and focus on 4 areas: body composition, metabolism, the gut and the brain.

Nutrition SCience

The ever-evolving area of nutrition science is fascinating. It’s also confusing, contradictory, ever changing and exhausting when you try to make decisions on what’s best for you. Applying the science of nutrition in your daily life can be daunting. Think of food as nourishment, medicine and fuel. We’ll fill in the science and help you make the best decisions for you.

Body Instincts

Listen to your body. Mindful Eating & Instinctive Eating are nutrition approaches that come together to optimize your health by allowing you to choose the tools that create positive impacts in your health journey, while flourishing your natural-born instincts of honoring your body with the foods it needs and enjoys most. Work with the 7 Elements of Mindful & Instinctive Eating to create a better relationship with food.

Food Confidence

A client achieving food confidence is the most rewarding outcome of our Do Food Right approach. Through body physiology, body instincts and nutrition science, we help you create a roadmap that clears up the confusion, takes you to the foods that work best in your body and brain and enable you to gain the confidence you need to Do Food Right for the rest of your journey

We have a track that can fit your goals and your budget. Contact us and we will help you set a course for success!

How we help clients

  • We focus on you, your history and your story and ask to:
    • share relevant medical history information (your medical provider can help get that information).
    • tell us about your diet history (fill us in on what you have tried in the past!)
    • share your lifestyle history (exercise, sleep, and stress).
    • tell us about at the timing of your eating compared to activity.
  • We use a food-first approach as much as possible to guide you to foods and nutrients that you may be lacking.
  • We help you tap into your natural instincts when it comes to food.
  • We help you see a clear vision and to establish realistic goals.
  • We often utilize food logging, body composition readings and self-reflection.  We ALWAYS use goal setting!
  • We believe in a team approach which sometimes it is important for us to collaborate with others involved in your health such as your physician, an exercise professional, or a mental health professional.
  • We help you identify your barriers and find ways to overcome them!

Have performance goals?

Discover powerful nutrition that will give you the advantage you have been looking for!

Ready for a change?

Unlock your body's truth about weight, health and aging and see lasting change!

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