Leverage nutrition to reach your goals!

Clear the confusion. Be empowered. See change.


Feel like you’re doing food wrong?

Do you struggle with...

  • Weight that just keeps coming back?
  • Food cravings?
  • Planning nourishing meals for you and your family?
  • Finding the answer to “how do I eat healthy?”
  • Exercise injuries that prevent you from meeting your goals?
  • Fatigue and soreness during or after a workout?

Let us help!

The “DO FOOD RIGHT” Approach

Embrace the role food has in your life.

The Do Food Right approach is our simple breakdown of the comprehensive topic of nutrition. It’s a mind, body, spirit approach with a twist. We engage your mind to help you learn about nutrition; we teach you to fuel your body with the right nutrient mix and in a spirit of self-reflection, we ask you to listen to your mind and your body.

This practice approach defines our food philosophy, our plan for how we can best help clients, what we use to put it all together and the process for how we help clients Do Food Right.



Tap into all that food has to offer to support long term health. The One You Nutrition team brings together the keys for your success — food truth, healthy behaviors, accountability/support and a simplified, sustainable approach to change.



You are already training and focusing on how to improve your body’s performance but you’ve hit a plateau or maybe have a newer, bigger goal. Don’t waste more time and money Googling and buying products that may not be helpful! One You Nutrition will help you achieve the results you’re looking for and navigate the science of sports nutrition!



Stop failing with the simple solutions of “eat less and move more” or the latest diet trend. Start understanding your metabolism and body composition and learn to create a meal pattern that works best for you. Ideal Body Weight (IBW) and Body Mass Index (BMI) are numbers. You are an individual, not a number based on some calculation.  Let us help you define your personal numbers.  Your body will thank you!

I struggled with my weight for many years and nothing I tried seemed to help. After meeting with Janet the first time I made a commitment that day to helping my family and myself improve our health. Within 6 months I lost 15 pounds. Today, I weigh (and maintain) 40 pounds less than I did when I started.

Weight Management and Wellness

I struggled for so many years with what I call a “pendulum” mentality regarding weight loss, either all or nothing “dieting.” Janet really helped me learn to understand and manage that pendulum and put me on a more realistic approach to health and making healthy choices that work for me!

AnnMarie Birster
Weight Loss and Wellness

Our promise

You will get the right understanding, the right motivation and the right results. You are guided by the “Do Food Right” Approach. Not struggle, confusion or frustration; rather, a way of fueling and healing. You’ll learn to embrace the role food has in your life; you will Do Food Right.

Have performance goals?

Discover powerful nutrition that will give you the advantage you have been looking for!

Ready for a change?

Unlock your body's truth about weight, health and aging and see lasting change!

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Do You Feel like You’re Doing Food Wrong?



Small changes make a BIG impact. Trendy diets don’t give you the groundwork to build a solid nutrition strategy for sustained outcomes. There is so much nutrition information out there that it’s impossible to know where to start.  We’ve simplified the message with these 5 tips which we believe are applicable to everyone