Nutrition is a critical link to your overall well being. The foundation of our Do Food Right approach is based on building a program that promotes wellness. Whether you want to prevent or treat diseases like diabetes and heart disease, feel better through  movement, improve your mood or create a long term healthy lifestyle, food is part of the plan.



Prevention and Management

Prevention and Management

If your doctor has diagnosed you or someone in your family with prediabetes, diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure or fatty liver, a change in diet is likely part of the plan. Learn how to eat a meal plan that will help manage the disease you have or prevent disease in the future.

Gut-Brain Connection

Gut-Brain Connection

Have you heard that your gut is your second brain? What you eat affects your brain and your brain affects what you eat. Do you find it hard to avoid certain foods? Do you crave sugar? Do you feel like your willpower to avoid certain foods isn’t strong enough to overcome your brain and your body? Learn to create a food plan that nourishes your gut and your brain.



Women diagnosed with PCOS often struggle with their weight and insulin resistance. Your weight may be causing the insulin resistance or the insulin resistance may be causing you to gain weight. We don’t always know which came first. We do know your diet is critical in controlling insulin resistance. We’re here to help you understand your insulin response and to create a satisfying successful meal plan.

Workday Fueling

Workday Fueling

Do your work days leave you exhausted, too tired to do the physical activity routine you committed to or feeling out of control? There’s help for that. The timing and nutrient makeup of your meals, snacks and hydration impacts your energy level. Put nourishment into your daily routine and feel the difference quickly!

Disordered Eating

Disordered Eating

Sometimes our relationship with food can get a little strained. We begin to lose trust in ourselves or in food itself. We may overeat, under-eat, or compensate for what we ate in unsafe ways. When this happens, let your dietitian be your guide to rediscovering the best way to eat for your mental and physical health.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Using our meal planning software and our understanding of how food impacts you and your family, we can help you find recipes and meals that satisfy! We know that cooking can be a burden sometimes but when we put a system in place, we can find delicious ways to eat without wasting time and money!

How we help

  • We focus on you, your history, your story. Your trek to your best body, mind, and spirit started long before you met us! So we need you to plot the points on your journey. We ask you to share relevant medical history (your medical provider can help get that information), diet history (fill us in on what you have tried in the past!), and lifestyle history (exercise, sleep, and stress impact your body now!).
  • We use a food-first approach as much as possible, guide you to foods and nutrients that you may be lacking, help you tap into your natural instincts when it comes to food, and look at the timing of your eating compared to activity.
  • It is important for us to understand your goal destination BUT it is also important for you to be able to see a clear vision of that destination too! Together we define your destination.  What it looks like and why it matters to you. 
  • We often utilize food logging, body composition readings and self reflection.  We ALWAYS use goal setting! 
  • Sometimes it is important for us to collaborate with others involved in your health journey such as your physician, an exercise professional, or a mental health professional. We believe a team approach is the key to success with you as team captain!
  • We help you identify your barriers and find ways to overcome them! Have trouble finding time to shop and cook? Overwhelmed by too much info coming at you from EVERYONE with an opinion on nutrition? Worried that you don’t know what to eat when your plans change, or when you are on the road? Let’s get it all out there and tackle each barrier!
  • We help you leverage FOOD SMARTS to finally reach your health goals. Remember, food is nourishment, medicine and fuel!

Four powerful tracks to meet your individual needs

Fundamental Track

"Get Started"

Clients in the Fundamental Track are looking to a registered dietitian to provide them with personalized nutrition education and counseling to get them started on a solid plan for a healthier lifestyle. This track is best for the client who is just beginning to take nutrition seriously.

Stay-On-It Track


Clients in the Stay-on-It Track are looking to a registered dietitian to support them by providing a more customized comprehensive plan, accountability, and addressing on-going nutrition challenges. This track is best for the client who has been working on nutrition and needs a professional accountability partner.

Specialized Wellness Track


The Specialized Wellness Track offers a specialty focus in Mindful & Instinctive Eating.  Clients in this track are seeking accountability, a customized plan, are committed to addressing challenges and desire to permanently overcome their nutrition struggles. Clients in this track are committed to changing their relationship with food to improve their overall health.

Insurance Track

"Medical Nutrition Therapy"

The Insurance Track offers clients the opportunity to utilize medical insurance. Some preventative or medical nutrition therapy services may be covered by your health insurance.

Our practice is in-network with the following insurance companies: Highmark, Aetna, Independence Blue Cross, Capital Blue, Cigna, AmeriHealth and United Healthcare.

We have a track that can fit your goals and your budget. Contact us and we will help you set a course for success!

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Do You Feel like You’re Doing Food Wrong?



Small changes make a BIG impact. Trendy diets don’t give you the groundwork to build a solid nutrition strategy for sustained outcomes. There is so much nutrition information out there that it’s impossible to know where to start.  We’ve simplified the message with these 5 tips which we believe are applicable to everyone