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6 Things to Include in Your Food Journal
Is your relationship with food confusing and messy? Do you find that you over eat, under-eat or don’t remember what...
5 ways to “Up” your (healthy) pizza game
Extra cheese and pepperoni, step aside. Pizza gets a reputation for being “unhealthy” by some, but let’s think about what...
Pack Some Snacks
Thru-hikers on the Appalachian trail choose trail names - some are intense, some funny. Sometimes they’re assigned to a hiker...
Get Ready for Fall Sports Practices – Follow These 5 Nutrition Tips!
Is anyone else feeling like we’re creeping closer to autumn? The cooler weather lately in PA has been making me...
Reward Comes from Challenge… and a Little Intimidation
Have you tried once or twice to make that diet or lifestyle change but “failed” even though it’s what you...
My “One You” Approach
Let’s forget for a second all of the generalized recommendations, the food shaming, body shaming, and anxiety inducing urge to...